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Editing genogram with iGenogram for iPad

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A fast and easy to use genogram diagramming tool to represent family or emotional relationships and manage chronological annotations describing relevant past events or journaling of therapy sessions, interviews, etc..

If you deal professionally with families, people relationships and related events, iGenogram for iPad will let you save time, collecting, querying and producing chronological reports for your analysis in a snap.


  • An iPad tailored App for genograms, not a generic – more or less adapted – diagramming tool

  • Standard notation defined by the genogram technique creators

  • Adopted graphical symbols

  • Individuals (men, women or whatever sexual orientation people)
  • Pregnancies, aborts or miscarriages
  • Couples (20 types of couples relationships like marriage, separation, divorce, cohabitation, casual relationship,…)
  • Adoption, fostering or natural birth
  • Emotional relationships (30 types of relationships like hate, love, hostility,…)
  • Physical or psychological pathologies
  • Substance abuses
  • Smoker, obese or language difficulties
  • Annotation tool to associate one or more chronologically ordered notes to each symbol

  • Complete Undo/Redo function both for diagram and notes

  • Touch screen specifically designed stylish interface where all editing functions are easily accessible via proprietary pop-up menus

  • Drag & drop gestures are available to move or connect symbols, pinch to zoom, etc..

  • Reporting tool to produce PDF files with all the graphics and notes ready to be printed or sent by email

  • Online Assistant, always synchronized with the ongoing operation, provides support on how to edit the diagram

  • Help button to provide users with a written index of how to add individuals, edit relationships, move symbols, and much more

  • Export/Import by e-mail function allows sending complete and editable copies of genograms to other users.

iGenogram in action







Editing genogram with iGenogram for iPad


This is the core function of iGenogram for iPad, here you can add, delete and move graphical shapes representing people or connect them with predefined symbolic lines representing family and emotional relationships.

A double tap is enough to insert a new genogram symbols and individual symbols can be easily moved with a finger touch.

Standard pinch gesture permits the zooming of the genogram to better interact with the symbols. Quick floating symbols menus allows to create and move connections and even the creation of new genogram symbols already connected.

Complete Undo/Redo is implemented by iGenogram for iPad and all the connections are automatically routed based on symbols positions. You will never need to move or adjust them.


Adding data to genogram symbols

Form with individual details

A double tap on a genogram symbol leads to this editing screen (an individual in this screenshot) where you can enter details about the represented person or relationship.

The symbol type can be always changed so, in case of mistakes, it’s easy to choose among all available symbols type.

In case of individuals, birth and death date editing are assisted by the standard iPad date control and, when defined, will appear automatically in the diagram as well as in the overall chronological event list and in the PSD report.

The Events/Notes section is where you can record all the chronology of user defined events or notes about the person or relationship being described.

These annotations will also appear on the overall events/notes and on the PDF report.

Form with note details


Describing Event or taking notes.

Each Event/Note has a date a title and a free text description.

Automatically generated events can also be described, only their names can’t be changed.

Descriptions can be edited with very long texts as the form dynamically adapts itself to the text length.

Nothing lasts forever so, imposing a date not only for Events but also for Notes allows to properly maintain all the annotations and visualize them separately in the chronological context.

Of course, you can choose to overwrite, delete or modify them, it is up to you to decide how to keep everything documented and organized.


Examining the chronological list of events/notes

This function, available from the genogram editing screen, shows in chronological order all the events and notes contained in the document.

From this screen you can edit or delete all the events or notes (including the automatically generated).

Events/Notes added from this screen are not related to a specific entity and could be used to describe general events or notes.

An option to filter out the automatically generated events (births or deaths) is activated by a button on the bottom bar and can be used to focus on user generated records.




Producing PDF Reports

Producing genogram PDF report with iGenogram for iPadWith a simple tap on the Report button, in a matter of second, a PDF report is generated and opened in preview.

First page is occupied by the genogram diagram and the following pages contain all chronologically ordered Events/Notes data in a tabular form.

No information remains hidden in the App, everything is published.

In the preview screen, you can choose to send the report to the printer or attach it to a mail.

All PDF capable apps installed on your iPad will be shown on the menu so, you can use it to archive the file or export to other applications.






Choosing Genogram Symbol Types

Genogram emotional relationship types with iGenogram for iPadEach time iGenogram for iPad asks you to choose a genogram symbol, it always present you the list of available options in a graphical way along with the descriptive names. You do not need to consult any other document source to produce a genogram.Genogram family relationship types with iGenogram for iPad












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