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All features can also be seen in the videos of iGenogram-iPad Help & Support Page

An iPad tailored App for genograms, not a generic diagramming tool

  • All editing functions are easily accessible via a dynamic toolbar and specifically designed pop-up menus
  • Drag & drop gestures are available to move or connect symbols, pinch to zoom, etc..
  • Undo and Redo buttons allow easy recalling of recent actions or changes
  • Flexible Dates allow the input of Birth and Death dates using: the complete date, the year or the age. Year or Age can also be introduced with a slider speeding up the procedure without the need of the keyboard.
  • For each genogram is possible to define a Reference Date, all ages will be then evaluated using that date or updated with the current date each time the genogram is edited

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Generally Accepted Standard Notation

  • Individuals (men, women or whatever sexually oriented people)
  • Pregnancies, aborts or miscarriages
  • Couples (20 types of couples relationships like marriage, separation, divorce, cohabitation, casual relationship,...)
  • Adoption, fostering or natural birth
  • Emotional relationships (30 types of relationships like hate, love, hostility,...)
  • Households (automatically drawn areas representing people living together)
  • Physical or psychological pathologies
  • Substance abuses
  • Smoker, obese or language difficulties
  • Routes for Relationships and Households are automatically placed by iGenogram and only depend on the participating Individuals Symbols positions
  • A Free Text Label available for every symbol allows to represent unusual situations or to point out something directly in the diagram

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User Friendly

  • Online Assistant, always synchronized with the ongoing operation, provides support on how to edit the diagram
  • An in-app feedback function allows users to ask for support, suggest new features and receive answers without leaving the app
  • Each time a choice is needed, iGenogram presents to the user menus with both textual and graphic descrition of the choices. Users do not need to remember the entire symbols’ set
  • Users can choose to use iGenogram in a language different from the iPad general setting. iGenogram speaks German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and English

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More than "just Genograms"

  • iGenogram provides a Notes function allowing to collect data related to specific events or to therapy sessions
  • Notes can be optionally related to an Individual or to a Family, Emotional or Couple relationship so that they can appear in the proper detail record screen
  • iGenogram automatically produce notes for events like births and deaths
  • Notes do not appear graphically in the genogram but are chronologically ordered and presented in the PDF Report and in the app to provide a tool to examine overall history and events coincidences

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Professional Documentation

  • iGenogram produces ready-to-be-printed PDF report with all the graphics and notes
  • A "Print Diagram" functionality allows users to split the genogram graphics over more than one page
  • If your iPad isn't connected to a printer you can send both report and diagram by email to other computers directly from the app
  • The e-mail export/import function can be used to send/receive a whole document so that, once re-imported in an iGenogram equipped iPad, it can be modified by the receiver
  • PDF report and PDF diagram functions send unmodifiable documents readable from every computer equipped with the free Adobe PDF Reader

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  • iGenogram can optionally protect your data with a password specific for each genogram
  • The exported protected genograms maintain their password allowing for a further level of security
  • Important notes about security: iGenogram doesn't encrypt protected documents so, its protection only limits the access to the documents using the app.
    If you do need a greater level of security, please apply the Security Standard Apple Procedures like the ones specified at the following links:
    iOS: Understanding data protection
    iTunes and encrypted backups

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  • "Great app! It does exactly what it says it does. Easy to use interface--easy to print reports. I use it for my Marriage and Family classes and can see using it with clients in private practice. You don't have to have a degree in Bowenian systems theory to know how to use it."

    Jwork435 / United States

  • "I am a clinical psychologist working with infants and preschoolers. Getting an easy to read Genogram on the file is a crucial part of treatment and information sharing across the treatment team. After reviewing many confusing and unreadable geongrams I went on a hunt for a program that would help add clarity. I needed something that used standard symbols, was easy to master, and for confidentiality reasons does not require utilizing an offsite server. iGenogram fit the bill. I have been working with the software for a few days now and very much appreciating its simplicity and use of practice standard symbols. This week I will be asking my students to use the app - which should be the real test regarding ease of learning."

    By PsychMentor / Canada

  • "A dear friend of mine introduced me to this app and suggested that I may find this of use to me in a professional capacity.... and she was right!As a social work practitioner, I work closely with families who have complex structures and network systems which can complicate and lengthen interventions. Having a tool like this is wonderful and can simplify a family structure making it precise and easy for practitioners like me to chart who's who. As well as being able to clearly chart who's who, you are also able to describe the type of relationship between individuals and the strength of these relationships.All in all this app has made my work simpler and more efficient, and let's be honest, isn't that what we all want?!"

    By Singh!! / United Kingdom

  • "This app is fantastic. I need to create genograms for my graduate program on what feels like a daily basis. With this app, all of the genograms I create are beautiful, consistent, and I do not need to create my own key. I never have to worry that my symbols are different sizes, or that it is unclear what the relationships are. I wish the reports could also be created as a .gif or .jpeg file, but it is not difficult to convert a .pdf into one of those formats. Seriously - one of the most useful apps I own."

    By M. Weiss / United States

  • "Puede parecer cara, pero si te interesan los genogramas no lo dudes más. La uso a nivel profesional y quise probarla antes de escribir una reseña. Es realmente buena, va por el momento sin ningún problema y es completísima. La función de generar informes en Pdf es muy útil profesionalmente. Cinco estrellas merecidas."

    By Ddhgtkbc / Spain

  • "This is one of those apps that is simple in use and easy to interpret; precise in the way to representa all that is needed. Genograms are clear in lines and representation. I would like to see other filters aplied in the grafical interface, as well as more development to get different views , like filter by topic, by adictions, divorce, adictions, etc. Great app... Keep it up!"

    By RichCamargo / Mexico

  • "Ich arbeite im psychosozialen Bereich und arbeite sehr häufig mit Genogrammen. Jahrelang habe ich nach einer vernünftigen Software Umsetzung gesucht. Die wenigen, die es für PC gibt, sind in meinen Augen unbrauchbar. Diese hier ist intuitiv und ich habe sogar noch viele graphische Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten (z.b. verschiede Linien für unterschiedliche Beziehungsformen) lernen. Mir hilft die Software sehr. Darum 5 Sterne."

    By Furzkurz / Germany

  • "I have only had it just a short time, and haven't learnt all the ins and outs yet. So far I really like it, what a clever app - just great for producing professional looking genograms which end up looking so much better than my hand drawn ones. Well done - buy it with confidence!"

    By Toni1867 / Australia


Genogram at normal zoom level Genogram at normal zoom level

An example of Genogram with Free Text Label and Households Groups

The blue italic text corresponds to the optional Free Text Labels on some symbols. The second image shows the genogram compared to the entire canvas size


Floating Menu and the Assistant

Some examples of floating menus and drag to connect relationships operation with the on-screen assistant on.


Individual Personal Record with Flexible Dates

Dates input can be done with or without the on-screen keyboard.



iGenogram offers some levels of customization adapting to users needs.


Symbols available

The screens iGenogram shows to let users choose types for Couples, Individuals, Emotional and Family Relationships.


Events & Notes

In addition to what shown in the Genogram, iGenogram manages a list of Events and Notes to record sessions and individuals or relationships events and to analyze eventual chronological coincidences among them.


Producing Documentation

iGenogram lets you produce printed documentation, complete of all the notes not included in the Genogram.
If your iPad isn't connected to a printer or if you want to send your documentation to another computer you can always use the Report Export Function.
In case of need, you can send the complete editable document by eMail so that the receiving iPad can open and edit it (need an updated copy of iGenogram installed).
In most word processing Apps, you can directly past the Diagram using "Copy & Paste" from the Preview.


Printing very large genograms

With the help of a preview dialog, iGenogram lets you define on how many pages you want to split your diagram and produces a PDF of the splitted pages.
Splitted pages have also a confortable numbering system to recompose the print and a well defined rectangle to easily connect adjacent pages.
As for the PDF report, you can send by eMail the Diagram PDF and use a computer connected to a printer to obtain your printed genogram.


Can I use iGenogram on my Mac or PC?

No, iGenogram currently only runs on iPad. A Mac version, though late due to some difficulties with data sync, is under development. We will post soon some videos of it.

Is the standard notation used by iGenogram complete?

The standard notation has a lot of variants and was designed having in mind freehand drawing so, iGenogram doesn't support the complete standard. Some examples of what isn't (still) supported are:

  • Floating free text notes (in iGenogram free text notes are always linked near the symbols of Individuals or Relationships)
  • Only one emotional relationship and only one couple relationship is allowed between each pair of individuals
  • More generally: if something isn't explicitely listed in Features or shown by the Screenshots is not supported.

Can I customize the notation and introduce new symbols?

No, at the current stage it is still not possible to introduce new symbols. We plan to introduce this feature in a future release however, today the Free Text Label can be used to represent particular situations.

I want to buy a considerable number of copies, can I have a discount?

The App Store has a Volume Purchase Program for Business please head to the link for more info.

Can I use iGenograms to represent an arbitrarily large genogram?

In the last release iGenogram increased its original canvas size of almost 6 times introducing a proprietary technology to overcome the memory limits of a portable device.
However even the latest release has some (very large) limits, to have an idea of the size of the canvas you can imagine that its width can accomodate without overposing about 70 Individuals symbols complete of their free text labels (140 without the label but, complete of name, dates, etc..) and its height about 50.
The first screenshot shows an example of the canvas size with two images of the same genogram at different zoom levels.

Does iGenogram provide a backup functionality?

As most, if not all, other iPad Apps, an Apple standard procedure exists to create and manage backups.
Although you can use the eMail Export function to externally save copies of your most important documents, it is highly recommended to periodically create backup copies using the standard Apple procedure. iOS: Back up and restore your iOS device with iCloud or iTunes.

Will iGenogram teach me how to make genograms?

No, iGenogram will not teach you how to draw a genogram, like a Word Processor will not teach you how to write a book.
Although genogram basics are not too complex, teaching them is out of the scope of iGenogram.
If you are interested in learning about genograms theory, consider to ask help to a specialist, read one of the books on the argument or head to one of the many resources available on the Web.

Start using iGenogram® today on your iPad.